God’s Choices

Every child in Vladimir Bryant Foundation’s Little Hearts Home in Haiti has a special story of how they were chosen by God to be with us.
Our first child was an 11 year-old boy named Johnny who lived in Montours, about 2 hours from Port au Prince. We drove to his village early in the morning and upon arriving, his Father brought Johnny out of their very small, 10’x10’ block hut they called home. Here was this disabled child in a wheelchair grinning from ear to ear – he seemed so happy in general and also happy to see us! He captured our hearts with his infectious smile and there was not a dry eye among us.
We stayed and visited with the family and shared our crackers and candy with Johnny – he loved them! We learned the family did not have medical care, electricity, running water or a bathroom and were very poor, just like the others who live in the same village. We soon found God had other plans for Johnny though. About a month later we were able to move him in to Little Hearts Home. Four other children – Kony, Ruthie, Samuel and Jonathan – moved in shortly thereafter. This was the first time any of these kids lived in a home with running water, electricity, a bathroom and their own beds. Johnny was so happy! He was the oldest and Big Man of the house. A week or so after moving into the home, Cedric received a phone call and Johnny spoke to him on the phone. We didn’t know Johnny could speak because he had never said a word to us when we first met him! God is so amazing. We were so happy Johnny was living like a King.
One month later, we were told that Johnny was very sick so Widza immediately flew to Haiti to be with him.She took he and his Mother to the hospital and they both stayed by his side for four days. While there, they observed a woman arrive at the hospital to drop off and abandon her 15 month old baby. Soon enough, Johnny’s health improved and he was getting ready to be released so Widza then flew back home. At midnight that night, Johnny took a turn for the worse and we received word that he passed away. We could not believe it and were so shocked and sad. We wondered why God would go through all of that for Johnny but were comforted by the fact that for his last month on earth he lived like a King.
Then God stopped in again and answered our question.  Remember that 15 month old girl who was abandoned by her mother? Her father came to the hospital looking for her and found her. He spoke with Widza and told her his daughter, Analysse, had Cerebral Palsy and asked if we would take her into Little Hearts Home. He and the mother were not married and he had to work during the day and the baby would be left home alone. We agreed to take her in and he dropped Analysse off at Little Hearts Home that Monday. The next day he called to thank us and tell us we saved her life ­– literally. That very night, after dropping her off, his house burnt down. Analysse would have been in the house and died had we not taken her in!
So even in his passing, Johnny became a hero.
Johnny will always be a part of the Vladimir Bryant Foundation and live forever in our hearts. One day when we get to Heaven, we know Johnny will be waiting at the gates and will thank us for what we did and the love we showed him. He will also be waiting for each of you who have helped by donating money so he could live out his last month on earth, like a King.

Isaiah 55:8-9 “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,” declares the LORD.  “As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.”
Widza Bryant