Jaime Hitchcock

God is All Around Us

I really miss all you wonderful people. You made this trip an experience through providing for us with delicious food, a place to sleep, and best of all those kids. I am honored to help support your foundation. I can’t even pinpoint the thing that touched me the most when I was there because it all touched me. I loved being there for the kids. I really miss everything single one of them. I loved the pictures we put on the wall and  their names above their beds. I am so happy to be a part of making the place so more meaningful. When I first walked in there I already thought It was a beautiful home and perfect for those kids. I loved the whole experience of being in a different country and I couldn’t believe how things are there.
It’s a beautiful country filled with very nice people. I saw God a lot throughout that week. I saw the love of God through how you guys take care out of those kids with genuine love, the unconditional love like Jesus. I saw how happy and content they were  because your presence of God rubs off on them. I believe they wouldn’t be so sweet and happy if it wasn’t for your care and love you show towards them. I believe it is Jesus who is working in you guys to provide for the kids. I also believe whoever walks in that door has a major impact on them as well, just as we did. I am honored to be an impact on them.
I pray for more blessings for you guys. I pray for more kids can be saved through you guys. I pray for the ones you have now. I pray for strength and wisdom for you guys. I am looking forward to coming back again soon. Give those kids a hug and kiss for me. You guys are in my prayers.

Widza Bryant