Anais Hussian

Christ’s Joy is Present

I do not think that words can adequately describe my experience, during our trip, to the Little Hearts Home with VBF this summer, but I will try. As someone who works with individuals with disabilities, I was absolutely devastated to hear how these children and their families are treated in Haiti.
The part of the trip that struck me the most was the tremendous amount of love in the Little Hearts Home. The staff was absolutely amazing and they genuinely loved and cared for each of the children. The children all expressed great joy and life, which radiated throughout the whole house. I could tell that Christ was present in that home, and that the lives of these children were all greatly improved because of this love and joy.
While we were there, we painted a quote on the wall, above pictures of each of the children that said, “You can’t wrap love in a box, but you can wrap a person in love.” I do not know how to adequately define love, using words, but I know that I experienced it while I was in the Little Hearts Home with those children and the amazing staff.
I absolutely loved every moment I was able to spend with the children in the Little Hearts Home, and cannot wait until I can return to see them again.

Widza Bryant