Jessica Saranzak

All You Need is Love

Although my visit to the Little Hearts Home in Haiti was a short five days, it’s hard to put into words the impact that it had on me. The love that I saw displayed to the children by the staff was like nothing I had ever witnessed before. The ladies and gentlemen who care for these precious babies were clearly handpicked by God. Upon entering the home it was very evident that these children are very loved, and the love is that real kind of love that only an obedient servant of God can give.
Nahomie, the main staff member, is such a pure spirit. Watching her interact with and love on the children brought such a joy to my heart that I can’t begin to describe. While this was my first time (definitely not the last) meeting the staff and children in person, I have been blessed to get to know them through stories and photos over the last year and a half. I was completely blown away by the progress these babies have made in such a short time with the help and care from the wonderful staff. Each of the children was so thin and malnourished as well as confined to lying down or being held due to lack of care, when they first arrived. These children are now sitting up unassisted and some are walking assisted. They are all healthy and thriving from the work and care of the dedicated staff.
These caretakers are so selfless. Each and every day the children are bathed and cuddled. They are fed three meals a day. The staff members have each taken the time to learn how to work with each child to meet their own very different therapy needs. While they are so selfless, they have also taught me what it looks like to be a humble servant. Through the night, every night, one of the men walk the perimeter of the home, even though it is surrounded by a tall cement protection wall, to make sure that the children are as safe as possible. While someone walks outside and the children sleep inside, a staff member sleeps on the hard floor in the kid’s room to make sure someone is readily available if a child awakens.
I think the most amazing thing I witnessed in the staff throughout the week was also one of the scariest things I have ever seen. Little Marlot was having a seizure (which is not uncommon) that lasted a great deal longer than the ones he has had in the past. Nahomie held this baby and loved him through it. Although there was nothing she could do to take the pain and horrible experience away from him, she did everything in her power to make sure he knew he was not alone. The love and despair I saw in her face as she held this baby as he struggled for over a half hour was a mother’s love. All of these children have their own biological parents who love them so immensely that they were willing to give them away to ensure they have life and the best chance possible, but they also have many spiritual parents within the Vladimir Brant staff who love them with that same love.
I could never thank God enough for blessing me with the opportunity to witness such unconditional love. I will forever be changed by the love that these men and women of God have showed me, even through our language barrier. Through the staff from the Little Hearts Home, I learned what love looks like and it looks a lot like my Jesus.

Widza Bryant