Stacy Pinard


Stacy Pinard is a Quality Assurance Specialist who seeks to make a significant impact in every position she holds. For over 7 years, she has supported several organizations by ensuring GMP adherence and compliance both in clinical and commercial packaging operations. She is relentless in the pursuit of excellence and has been recognized for her skill set so much so that she has been considered top talent across multiple organizations that she has worked for. 
Stacy excels at making risk-based decisions, collaborating with colleagues to complete projects and has the unique ability to intuitively see the world through others’ eyes and share their perspectives. Because of this, she can give voice to other’s emotional lives and be a vocal advocate for their needs and wants. Stacy’s motivation for working as hard as she does is credited to her upbringing and strong identity in Christ.
Stacy’s educational background includes a B.A. in Communication from Villanova University in Pennsylvania. She also holds a graduate certificate in Pharmaceutical Management and a M.S. in Engineering Management from New Jersey Institute of Technology.