Edwin Childs

Philadelphia native, Edwin (aka Mark) Childs feel in love with business while he was in college. It was then he began to understand that business had the power to solve major problems instead just increasing the bottom line of an organization. This new understanding developed into a passion for business that would propel Edwin to getting his BS in Accounting. Edwin’s passion allowed him to grow into an accounting professional that easily captures and work toward the “big picture and vision” of an organization. At the Philadelphia International Airport where Edwin currently serves as the Budget Officer he has become known for solving complex issues creatively. Edwin believes that being an accountant helps him provide insight instead of just numbers. 

Edwin grew up going to morning Sunday School classes. This experience helped him learn about God from an early age. He began going to church services as a teenager. In his adult years, Edwin has grown to dedicate his life to serving God and the community. It was in church where he learned how respond to the needs of others. This foundation gave him the desire to help people especially youth. As Edwin became aware of disadvantages of many youth in the world his desire has become to utilize small businesses and non-profits to meet the needs of the many awaiting a helping hand. Today, Edwin is a Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and serves as Associate Minister at Redeem Baptist Church in Philadelphia. He considers it his honor and duty to serve God as he seeks to serve people and make the world a much better place.