Cedric Bryant


is an emerging Doctor of Strategic Leadership, MBA. Cedric’s strong background in strategic leadership and organizational analysis has allowed him to aid leaders, and teams in various settings.  He has consulted to leaders, and teams in various industries including education, religious, political, community mental health. 

Throughout his career Cedric has worked with leaders nationally as well as international leaders; ranging from new professionals to experienced executives. His consultation and leadership engagements includes topics such as: leadership & followership relationship, leadership & followership development, leadership communications, leadership and culture agility, leadership and emotional intelligence and workplace dynamics.

His overall philosophy on effective leader and team development centers on transformational leadership concept, a concept concerned with changing and transforming people for the collective betterment of individual and organization. 

Cedric is able to meticulously analyze organizational effectiveness, review data to determine areas of needs, and develop data driven and practical interpositions. These data and practical driven interventions have helped various clients manage change in order to meet strategic goals and obtain unparalleled performance and results.  

His strategic leadership learning has perfected his ability to diagnose issues within an organization, align people and processes, and help initiate the results needed to meet the strategic objectives of the organization. Cedric is the co-founder of the Vladimir Bryant Foundation, a non-profit that support children with special needs in the developing countries.