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Cedric bryant

Cedric is an emerging Doctor of Strategic Leadership, MBA. Cedric’s strong background in strategic leadership and organizational analysis has allowed him to aid leaders, and teams in various settings.  He has consulted to leaders, and teams in various industries including education, religious, political, community mental health. 

Throughout his career Cedric has worked with leaders nationally as well as international leaders; ranging from new professionals to experienced executives. His consultation and leadership engagements includes topics such as: leadership & followership relationship, leadership & followership development, leadership communications, leadership and culture agility, leadership and emotional intelligence and workplace dynamics.

His overall philosophy on effective leader and team development centers on transformational leadership concept, a concept concerned with changing and transforming people for the collective betterment of individual and organization. 

Cedric is able to meticulously analyze organizational effectiveness, review data to determine areas of needs, and develop data driven and practical interpositions. These data and practical driven interventions have helped various clients manage change in order to meet strategic goals and obtain unparalleled performance and results.  

His strategic leadership learning has perfected his ability to diagnose issues within an organization, align people and processes, and help initiate the results needed to meet the strategic objectives of the organization. Cedric is the co-founder of the Vladimir Bryant Foundation, a non-profit that support children with special needs in the developing countries.  

Stacy Pinard

Stacy Pinard is a Quality Assurance Specialist who seeks to make a significant impact in every position she holds. For over 7 years, she has supported several organizations by ensuring GMP adherence and compliance both in clinical and commercial packaging operations. She is relentless in the pursuit of excellence and has been recognized for her skill set so much so that she has been considered top talent across multiple organizations that she has worked for. 

Stacy excels at making risk-based decisions, collaborating with colleagues to complete projects and has the unique ability to intuitively see the world through others’ eyes and share their perspectives. Because of this, she can give voice to other’s emotional lives and be a vocal advocate for their needs and wants. Stacy’s motivation for working as hard as she does is credited to her upbringing and strong identity in Christ.

Stacy’s educational background includes a B.A. in Communication from Villanova University in Pennsylvania. She also holds a graduate certificate in Pharmaceutical Management and a M.S. in Engineering Management from New Jersey Institute of Technology.


Cristopher Karl

Cristopher has been a Product Engineer and a Manufacturing Engineer at CARDONE Industries for the past 18 years reverse engineering automotive systems and developing testing and repair systems. He also serves his church, Levittown Church of God as the church Treasurer, Office Manager and as a Council Member. Cristopher also manages the church’s softball team as an outreach ministry and has served as Christian Fellowship Softball League’s Vice-President since 1989. He has been active with VBF since 2013 participating in fundraising and helping to make VBF more well known in the community.  Cristopher joined the board in 2016. Cristopher and his wife Lois live in Bucks County, PA with their daughter Tamera.

Dr. Freeman Miller
Medical Advisor, Board Member

Dr. Miller graduated from the University of Colorado Medical School in 1978. A Residency in Orthopedic surgery was completed in 1983, followed by a fellowship in Pediatric Orthopedics at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, Ontario.

Dr Miller was Co-director of the Cerebral Palsy Program and the Clinical Director of the Gait Analysis Laboratory at the A.I. duPont Hospital for Children for 30 years. He contiues as an emeritis staff member at AI duPont Hospital for Children providing consultative services and is active in the research program. His clinical practice of pediatric orthopedics is limited to children with cerebral palsy. For the past 25 years, Dr. Miller has held Adjunct Professor appointments in the Departments of Mechanical Engineering and Physical Education at the University of Delaware. He is also a member of the University BIOMS program, which is an interdisciplinary graduate program in biomedical engineering. Dr Miller has been actively involved in supervision of graduate and undergraduate students at Delaware through these programs. Current and past reseach interests include investigation of surgical outcomes of CP surgery through gait analysis; mathematical modeling of the hip joint in children with CP, hip monitoring and management for children with CP, and management of spinal deformity in CP.

Dr. Miller has published approximately 200 articles in peer reviewed journals, has published a book Cerebral Palsy: A Guide for Caregiving directed at families and none medical careproviders which was published in 1995, and in 2017 was revised and released as the thrid edition. A medical textbook, Cerebral Palsy with 1080 pages outlining musculoskeletal care of the child with cerebral palsy was written by Dr. Miller and published in 2005 by Springer-Verlag.  The second edition of this book is inprocess with proposed publication in 2019.  He has been invited to give many lectures in 35 different countries.


Dr. Caroline Mcclain

Caroline is a pediatric physical therapist at Early Intervention Associates in Rockville, MD. She has worked internationally in global health and development in several countries including India, Nicaragua, Belize, Peru, and Zambia. Prior to joining our team as Chief Rehabilitation Specialist, she worked at Children's National Medical Center in Washington, DC and Shriners Hospitals for Children in Philadelphia, PA.

Caroline earned her Doctor of Physical Therapy from Marymount University and received her Bachelors of Science from Wake Forest University. She speaks Spanish and loves to travel, hike, and cook with family and friends.

Edwin Childs

Philadelphia native, Edwin (aka Mark) Childs feel in love with business while he was in college. It was then he began to understand that business had the power to solve major problems instead just increasing the bottom line of an organization. This new understanding developed into a passion for business that would propel Edwin to getting his BS in Accounting. Edwin’s passion allowed him to grow into an accounting professional that easily captures and work toward the “big picture and vision” of an organization. At the Philadelphia International Airport where Edwin currently serves as the Budget Officer he has become known for solving complex issues creatively. Edwin believes that being an accountant helps him provide insight instead of just numbers. 

Edwin grew up going to morning Sunday School classes. This experience helped him learn about God from an early age. He began going to church services as a teenager. In his adult years, Edwin has grown to dedicate his life to serving God and the community. It was in church where he learned how respond to the needs of others. This foundation gave him the desire to help people especially youth. As Edwin became aware of disadvantages of many youth in the world his desire has become to utilize small businesses and non-profits to meet the needs of the many awaiting a helping hand. Today, Edwin is a Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and serves as Associate Minister at Redeem Baptist Church in Philadelphia. He considers it his honor and duty to serve God as he seeks to serve people and make the world a much better place. 


Widza Bryant

Widza Bryant currently attends Regent University as a Doctorate student in the School of Business - Doctor of Strategic Leadership.

She is a career Human Resource professional and a consultant and continues to work with leaders and executives to promote equal opportunities and workplace equalities. Widza spends a lot of her time delivering Human Resources services and programs to build skills/competencies within organizations. 

In 2011 along with her husband Cedric, Widza co-founded the Vladimir Bryant Foundation – aims at providing a “better world” for Children with Special Needs in Haiti and in Pennsylvania. She considers herself a missionary for Christ – working alongside Church Leaders at all levels to make an impact in the world for Christ.

She is married to her husband – Cedric and together have five children (two sets of twins).


Judi McInerney