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The because project

 The Because Project is continuing a seven year old mission that was birthed from The Haiti Initiative “for the children” organization.  

Haiti Initiative is now partnering with The Because Project to provide shelter for families devastated by poverty throughout the country.  Under Haiti Initiative a strong partnership with Hope Alive Clinic was developed.  The Because Project also continues to work with Hope Alive Clinic and sends mission teams twice a year to teach in local orphanages and help with  various construction projects. 

One of The Because Projects biggest programs is Adopt-a-Box.  Domenico Mazzella from Carlucci’s Grill heads up a monthly shipment that delivers food and supplies to two orphanages and one clinic in the Port-au-Prince area. These shipments provide daily nutrition and absolute necessities they lack due to abject poverty.  

Haiti Initiative

It was no coincidence that I visited the World Vision Orphanage in the summer of 2011 while on my second trip to Hope Alive Clinic in Marianni, Haiti.  The orphanage had no running water, 50 children in need of clothing and bedding and the “financial support” that had once been promised was quickly dwindling. The Earthquake of 2010 left these children and ministries with deep-seated needs.


The World Vision Orphanage, founded by Rev. Henry and Christine Sullivan in 1982 has been assisting Pastor Ellie and other national pastors by providing funding and spiritual support. The World Vision Orphanage School provides education for over 250 community children.

Hope Alive Clinic founded by Frank & Leslee Jacobs 20 years ago gives medical assistance to over 1700 local children and families in their community each month.  They have recently increased their hours to 24/7 since completing an “on site” hospital that can accommodate 15 children.

The list of construction projects, food and clothing donations, education and love over the last 6 years is expansive, but one of our greatest accomplishments has been the completion of a “water purification” system at the orphanage in 2016.  This goal was three years in the making and marks the FIRST time ever that the children have experienced clean drinking water.

Aging grace supports coordination

AGING GRACE  focuses on Long Term Care Planning, consultation & advocacy services for disabled adults 18 to 59 and also the aging population 60 & over.

We are Supports Coordinators working with participants, linking to the families, communities, resources, and providers, ensuring the needs of the participant are being met.

Bryant and Bryant Consulting

B&B Consulting is a Business as Mission (BAM) organization, founded by Drs. Cedric and Widza Bryant. Our objective is to collaborate with, and assist line executives, entrepreneurs, management teams, leaders-whether you lead a business, church, or non-profit, to produce appropriate solutions.

Church of God Media, PA

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