Watch Closely. I Am Preparing Something New.

Watch closely: I am preparing something new; it’s happening now, even as I speak, and you’re about to see it. I am preparing a way through the desert; Waters will flow where there had been none.
— Isaiah 43:19 (The Voice)

A new chapter is beginning for the Vladimir Bryant Foundation.  After five years of providing for the physical, developmental, emotional and spiritual essentials of children with special needs in Haiti through our “Little Hearts Home”, the foundation is turning its attention to providing for special needs children in Bucks County through the Vladimir Bryant Foundation Before & After School Care (VBFB&A). As co-founder Cedric Bryant shares, “For the last 14 years, my wife and I struggled to find a suitable before and after school care for our son without success. To that end, God has given us the vision to open the VBFB&A to help to provide peace of mind to parents like us who continue to struggle to find an appropriate place to accommodate their special needs children.” To learn more about this program unique to Bucks County, click here.

To realize this new dream, much work has been needed.  One of the requirements for licensing has been the addition of an outdoor activity area at the location.  Thankfully, an army of volunteers has risen up to do the construction.  But as always, assistance from God has been required.

Work was begun to clear the property. The team used a Bobcat© to uproot the lawn and level the ground.  All was going well until they realized that the large tree in the middle of the plot was not as sturdy as they had thought.  For that matter, they realized that the tree was leaning heavily to one side.

This development was not needed. The crew realized that a tree service would need to be called to remove the tree; an unplanned expense that was not in the budget!  After working around the tree as best as they could, the team called it a day.  The next morning, when one of the team members returned to the site, the tree was on the ground, perfectly positioned between the parsonage and the Bobcat© left behind.  A foot one way and the parsonage roof would have been demolished; a foot the other way and the same fate awaited the loader.  Instead, the significant expense of removing the tree was avoided; or rather, it was covered on God’s expense account!

As work has progressed to finish clearing and grading the site, God opened additional doors. An auction of unwanted school equipment provided 21 computer stations for the starting bid of $25; miraculously, there were no other bidders. 

Additionally, playground equipment at a recently closed school was up at a second auction; The auctioneer explained to the audience what our organization was doing and requested  no bidding on the lot.  All the equipment was ours for a price of $20 and the efforts of our team dismantling and moving it. Of course, that led to the fun of re-assembling all that equipment, along with ensuring that every piece of equipment is safe and sturdy. 

Finally, soft ground has been laid to protect the children and a secure fence will surround the area.  When completed with the fencing, this activity area will give all children, regardless of any physical limitations, an engaging place to play.

A dedication is scheduled for Saturday, August 19, 2017 at the site.  Whether in Haiti or here at home in Bucks County, VBF is committed to Help Make Their Tomorrows Brighter one child, one family at the time.

Widza Bryant