Before and After School Care for Children with Disabilities and Their Siblings

Vladimir Bryant Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit Christian-based organization whose passion is to provide quality care, programs, and support for children with physical disabilities. The concept for the nonprofit began in 2010 when Cedric and Widza Bryant moved to Haiti and saw no medical support system in place for their son, Vladimir, with Cerebral Palsy. 

Our first accommodations center in Haiti named “Little Hearts Home” opened in 2012 and to this day provides physical, occupational, and speech therapy with volunteer therapists working alongside the local staff to support and train them. With the growing success of the Little Hearts Home program, and knowing the frustrations that parents face here in our area with providing a safe place for their children with special needs—Before and Afterschool accommodations and activities, the board of directors is inspired to begin a Before & Afterschool Program in Bucks County.

Despite advances in incorporating inclusive programming, children who qualify for special education, particularly children with significant disabilities are grossly under-represented in afterschool programs.

VBF wants to create a Before & After school program to give children with physical disabilities the chance to experience meaningful and authentic belonging.  Beyond the benefits of providing learning and enrichment activities, the program will offer children with physical disabilities the chance to engage with non-disabled peers in a way often not possible during the regular school day.  The program will also provide a safe haven where children with special needs/physical disabilities can learn, play and succeed side-by-side with children of all abilities.